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An Ultimate Beginners Guide to Dragon Ball Legends - Mobile Game!

The biggest news for Dragon Ball Z fans is that their favorite show game comes on Android and iOS devices.

Yes, Dragon Ball Legends is one of the games where you can meet all Dragon Ball characters and can use their powers to defeat monsters. It is a great battle game introduced by the game industry for Dragon Ball lovers.

It helps all the players to explore more fun, reduce mental stress, and enhance different skills. Well, the game comes with lots of stunning fighting missions, features, 3D graphics which gives a real look to play as compared to other games.

One can easily play the role of their favorite Dragon Ball character to fight with other players. You should know a complete dragon ball legends tier list as such character’s names are mentioned below-

  • Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Gohan
  • Frieza
  • Majin Buu
  • Trunks
  • Cell
  • Piklo
  • Chchi

And all other characters added in the game which comes in Dragon Ball episodes.

Unlock special moves

Use special moves to defeat other characters smoothly without getting kill by them firstly. Don’t give them time to attack and use super moves to win every fight quickly.

One needs to perform different kinds of game tasks to unlock special moves as it is not easy. Also, a player can use fierce combo and explosive moves to defeat all characters by their hero.


In the beginning, every player gets limited characters to choose one of them. For selecting the favorite character, one needs to unlock them by progressing in the game faster.

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Summon system is the single way available in the game from which you can unlock different characters in the play.

Also, one needs to earn Chrono currency (the premium currency of the game) to unlock Super Saiyan powers.

Every day players get a discount on their first summons by spending 20 crystals. If you don’t use the discount, then you need to pay 100 crystals per summon.

Chapters Interactive Stories: Make Your Own Story Like A Pro!

Have you ever tried an adventure role-playing game in which you can create lots of untold stories? Want to try some fantastic role-playing game?

If yes then you should try Chapters Interactive Stories game once. Chineseall Corporation developed the game for Android and iOS devices.

Tons of stories and chapters you can find in the game to role-play. The gameplay and features are simple to understand, so there is no need to take more stress on how to play the game.

Every user needs to choose a game character which represents the entire role in stories or reflects your personality.

In other words, with the help of selected style, you can play different chapter or stories frequently without wasting more time.


There are many beautiful features added in Chapters Interactive Stories, which makes it different from other role-playing games. Let’s have a quick review of chapter features-

  • Use diamonds and tickets to unlock every kind of story/chapter
  • Dive into the choices which affect the overall outcomes
  • Select your name and style to reflect a good personality or in adventure stories
  • Play hard chapter choices like- romance, dating, comedy, sci-fi to explore unlimited fun

Age restrictions

Well, according to player age, they need to choose the right story, which helps to enjoy every game moment.

Some of the stories are made for adults like a young adult chapter, which underage cannot be played. So, make sure that you are unlocking perfect story as per age, needs, and requirements.

Performing this task wisely helps you to play the game smoothly without learning the wrong things.

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Collect diamonds and tickets

As we discuss with the help of diamonds and tickets, you can unlock different kinds of chapters so try to collect it more with the help of chapters free tickets guide. Players can earn these currencies by completing game tasks also can purchase it.

Fine 4 Tips or Tricks to Play AFK Arena

If you require some good tips and tricks to play AFK Arena properly, then you are 100% sure standing at a right place.

In the same post, later you find some good tips and tricks that help you in making progress and also make it easier for you to play AFK Arena.

Before the same, every single player of AFK Arena should know that it is RPG launched by Lilith Games and available for both IOS and Android platforms.

4 Tips and Tricks to Know

One major thing is that in AFK Arena there are mainly 2 types of currency. The first one is diamonds and the second one is gold.

These two play an important role in every aspect of AFK Arena. Now, it’s time to meet with best 4 afk arena tips or cheats which help players in playing AFK Arena in an easy manner –

  1. Complete events – Users have to take part in all the events which are added to the game and then complete them to make further progress. Also, by the same method players come onto high levels.
  2. Use in-app purchases – When players require anything in the game and they don’t become able to get it, then the only way for them which left behind is in-app purchases feature. Via the help of the same feature players buy everything using their real-life money.
  3. Accomplish objectives or challenges – users have to accomplish all the objectives and challenges as to earn currency and to make good progress.
  4. Go with the best hero – First of all users have to learn everything about AFK Arena heroes and then choose the best and most powerful among all.

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Therefore, all these are the best 4 tips, tricks or strategies that help gamers in playing it appropriately.

What Are The Top Secrets Of Winning In Pixel Gun 3D?

Let’s Know About Core Concept

Pixel Gun 3D is an MMO game which is played by single players but the online feature offers 10 players to play together against each other. The game also offers survival and campaign mode which is all about killing the master and winning over him.

You have guns to do this thing and the more you try to kill an opponent with simple weapons the more your skills will be improved. You can win over the enemy with the help of powerful guns like snipers and indie. You also have machine guns but most of the time they run out of ammos.

You need to collect ammos from the map and these are given in the game and earning currencies play the most important role. There are two currencies in the game and both of them are important as coins are used in purchasing accessories and gems are used in getting the desired guns.

Well, This Is The Time To Collect Coins And Gems To Alleviate Every Issue.

You have couple methods to get coins and gems but do you know that which method is effective in term of getting these currencies. Basically, when you play a battle and win then you are credited with some coins and gems are not given every time but you can get in few matches for good performance.

There is the boss and if you kill him then you get an extra reward for doing this thing you are going to earn coins and gems but this is not the same thing every time. Mostly gamers aren't able to watch who is the boss and this is really hard to hunt him down so what’s the alternative to getting currencies.

Pixel Gun 3D offers a method which is enough to provide you coins and gems but this is paid. Yes, you are able to able resources in exchange for real money as other games have the same option nowadays. You have to choose any of the plans and purchase it but are you comfortable with this thing?

Basically, most of the people don’t like this method and they try to avoid it as much as they can. That’s why there is one last thing which can provide resources is which is a program developed by a team of expert.

Now, What To DO Next?  

You have the resources and you have to use it to avail guns and other things. You can get accessories which look awesome. On the other hand, you are also able to choose your avatar. You have to pay a few amounts of coins like 20 to 24 to get the desired look.

There are many premade avatars which are good enough make you different from others and you are able to customize as you want to. You are able to use Pixel Gun 3D hack tool and avail the required resources.

If you are satisfied with this method then keep on availing resources and using them to get what you need in the game. Try to focus on weapons to become the top player. 

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