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An Ultimate Beginners Guide to Dragon Ball Legends - Mobile Game!

The biggest news for Dragon Ball Z fans is that their favorite show game comes on Android and iOS devices.

Yes, Dragon Ball Legends is one of the games where you can meet all Dragon Ball characters and can use their powers to defeat monsters. It is a great battle game introduced by the game industry for Dragon Ball lovers.

It helps all the players to explore more fun, reduce mental stress, and enhance different skills. Well, the game comes with lots of stunning fighting missions, features, 3D graphics which gives a real look to play as compared to other games.

One can easily play the role of their favorite Dragon Ball character to fight with other players. You should know a complete dragon ball legends tier list as such character’s names are mentioned below-

  • Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Gohan
  • Frieza
  • Majin Buu
  • Trunks
  • Cell
  • Piklo
  • Chchi

And all other characters added in the game which comes in Dragon Ball episodes.

Unlock special moves

Use special moves to defeat other characters smoothly without getting kill by them firstly. Don’t give them time to attack and use super moves to win every fight quickly.

One needs to perform different kinds of game tasks to unlock special moves as it is not easy. Also, a player can use fierce combo and explosive moves to defeat all characters by their hero.


In the beginning, every player gets limited characters to choose one of them. For selecting the favorite character, one needs to unlock them by progressing in the game faster.

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Summon system is the single way available in the game from which you can unlock different characters in the play.

Also, one needs to earn Chrono currency (the premium currency of the game) to unlock Super Saiyan powers.

Every day players get a discount on their first summons by spending 20 crystals. If you don’t use the discount, then you need to pay 100 crystals per summon.

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